June is one of the busiest months of the year for Americans changing residences. With the surge in Americans moving over the coming months, consumers are full of questions - from price and logistics to how to source out reputable movers and choose between disparate quotes.
With the sheer number of moving options available (from DIY to full-service) consumers have to be able to protect themselves and their belongings. But interestingly, we believe the best protection for the 15+ million American households moving this year isn’t pricey insurance or specialty boxes, but our new web application, CLICKandMOVE.
CLICKandMOVE is an application that allows relocating consumers to easily create an inventory of items online and have reputable moving companies bid on the job (all of the companies on the website are part of the American Moving and Storage Association).  The app takes away the need for multiple salespeople to take inventories in consumers’ homes by creating one standard furniture list for companies to bid on – reducing the opportunity for potential scams and putting consumers in the driver’s seat. - Something that is sorely lacking in the moving industry today.
CLICKandMOVE is user-friendly and built with the consumer in mind. Check out our FAQ page for more details and to see how moving is just a Click away!