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Hiring a Professional Mover

clock August 30, 2011 20:36 by author Janet Corniel

Once you have decided to move, the next big decision you will have to make is to decide whether or not to hire a professional mover and if so who.  Using a service like ( is a great start.  Once you have an inventory of your household goods, you will be in a better position to understand whether or not you can afford to hire a professional mover.  After you have that decision made, you now have to choose the right professional for your move.  It is important to note that once you receive these estimates from the movers, you definitely want to do some research.

Check with the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA) ( and the Better Business Bureau (BBB) (  You want to get an idea if the moving company has a reputation.  Good, bad or indifferent you definitely want to make the effort to know who you are dealing with ahead of time to prevent any issues later.  After you check with these agencies, you want to meet with the companies you have short-listed with their estimate.  A face-to-face meeting is definitely worth the time.  At that meeting ask the representative for references.  This way you can follow-up and decide on the best moving company for you.  Remember, you should have a good rapport with the person you will be working with and good understanding of the moving company’s services, which is why the extra due diligence is worth the effort in the long run.

The best way to organize your paperwork for a move

clock August 25, 2011 16:45 by author Janet Corniel

Once you have decided to move, you need to take the steps to prepare yourself.  Keep in mind the more organized you are, the easier it will be for y

ou.  I suggest you get yourself a file pocket folder that can carry many papers.  This way you can have all of your items dealing with the move in one convenient location.  Moving is busy and hectic,  therefore the less time you have to spend looking for something, the less frustrated you will be.  I keep all of my contracts, estimates, account information, family health information and banking information in that folder.  This way when I need it, I can find it easily.  Further, if you have taken the time to do this ahead of time, your important documents will not get lost in the shuffle.

If you have access to a scanner, you are very fortunate.  Take the time to scan in these important documents and save them electronically.  This will significantly reduce the amount of paperwork you will need to carry around with you.

The day the moving company arrives to pack you, it is a whirlwind of activity.  Therefore, having your important papers organized and in your special folder or scanned in your computer will prevent them from being packed inadvertently.

So You Are Moving?

clock August 16, 2011 17:22 by author Janet Corniel

So You Are Moving? Here are Some Things You Should Consider.

Whatever reason it may be, you are now in the position of having to move.  It may seem a bit intimidating depending on how much time you have.  However, keep in mind that there are several things you can do to help yourself.  

First, determine the amount of time you have to relocate.  If you do not have the luxury of time, you will have to get prepared very quickly and may consider paying for convenience.  Second, consider your budget.  How much have you allocated for the move?  This is essential.  Once you have determined this, you will be in a better position to evaluate your options.  

Next, take inventory, go around your home and note all of your things.  Evaluate whether or not you need the items.  If you cannot remember the last time you used it, consider selling or donating the item.  The more you can purge, the more affordable your move will be.  

If you are considering using a professional mover, will provide you with a valuable tool to obtain a reputable mover and an estimate.  The service allows you to send your inventory out to movers within your area in order to receive an estimate all on-line.  This is a huge time-saver because it eliminates scheduling meetings with several moving companies to do estimates.  When you are moving, any time you can save is a huge benefit.

Geocoding for Moving Companies

clock August 6, 2011 00:58 by author Al Ayres

Geocoding: The process of finding associated geographic coordinates from other geographical data, such as street addresses, or zip/postal codes.

How CLICKandMOVE uses Geocoding: We use the origin zip/postal code that a customer enters as the starting point. We then create a list of moving companies to display to the customer based on proximately to the origin address. Ranges are offered in the selection process so the customer has the opportunity to select from an even more extensive list of moving companies (even though they may be further from their home). This process gives the customer the opportunity to select "local" moving companies to get their comparable move estimate.

This process helps give the customer the "best choice" of moving companies to get thier estimtate from. Our list will also display our "featured movers" within the selected range for an even better selection. 

CLICKandMOVE How it works

clock August 2, 2011 23:05 by author Al Ayres