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Packing Fragile Items

clock November 28, 2011 19:16 by author Janet Corniel


Packing fragile items is an art and getting it right will make all the difference in a successful move.  If you have chosen to pack yourself, make the investment in good packing materials.  This is worth it in the end.  Prior to packing take pictures of your goods and identify those items that will need special handling and care.  Any glass, china, art, pictures and curios will all need extra care when packing.  Purchase moving boxes and packing paper or bubble wrap.  Packing paper is preferred because you can pack more in a box with it.  Make sure that when you do pack, you wrap each item up individually.  This will help to protect the item from chipping, cracking or breaking entirely.  

Think about the weight of the items and make sure your moving box is strong enough to take the weight.  When you are assembling your box, make sure you have adequately taped the bottom to hold the weight of the load.  Before you fill your box, line a sheet of packing paper on the bottom to cushion the load.  Load your items in carefully.  Try to make sure you have packed the items tight to prevent them from moving or shifting during transport.  Once you have filled the box, add an additional sheet of packing paper on the top and then close the box and tape it.  Don’t forget to label the box and write fragile all over it.  This way your team of movers will recognize that that box will need extra care.


Moving with exotic pets

clock November 21, 2011 18:07 by author Janet Corniel

If your family friend is an exotic pet, you will have to do some extra research to prepare for your move.  Depending on the pet and its size, you will have to educate yourself on your options to transport it.  There are rules and regulations governing exotic pets, therefore extra research ahead of time will save you heartache in the long run. 

Prior to your move, you should definitely meet with your veterinarian to ensure you have all of the updated records and vaccinations for your pet.  Ask your veterinarian if there is any special accommodations or considerations you will have to make for the safe transport of your pet. 

If you need to fly to your new destination, you must check with your airline carrier ahead of time to make sure they can accommodate your type of pet.  If you are running into difficulty trying to transport your pet yourself, you may want to consider a pet transport company.  They will be able to help you safely transport your pet to your new location.  However, it may be costly so get several estimates to help you budget for the expense. 

If you are moving abroad, you definitely need to do your research.  The country you are moving to may not allow for the type of exotic pet you have and you may find yourself having to make other arrangements.  Keep in mind the more prepared you are the better you and your pet will be.

Top 5 Unpacking Supplies

clock November 15, 2011 16:34 by author Janet Corniel

Once you take possession from your ClickandMove mover, these top five unpacking supplies will really help you make quick progress of unpacking.

First, a retractable razor blade or knife will help you open your boxes quickly.  If these are not readily available, a key works well in its place. This will not only help you open your boxes but also break them down once they are unpacked.

Second, a few moving boxes work really well to store the packing paper.  As you unpack, keep a few empty moving boxes available to hand for the packing paper.  Pack it in tight.  If you do this as you unpack, it will help to keep order in the room and minimize clutter.

Third, garbage bags are very important as you unpack.  No matter how well you planned your move, inevitably you will discover some things you really do not want as you unpack.  Therefore, having a garbage bag to hand to throw these items away or donate will help.  Also, it helps to minimize the clutter and get rid of the used tape from the boxes.

Fourth, paper towels are helpful to have especially if you have any breaks or leakage.  It will help you quickly clean up the mess as you unpack. 

Fifth, permanent markers are essential tools in moving and chances are you should still have a few from packing.  These markers will help you relabel as you unpack or prepare some items for storage or donation.  Keep them to hand.  You will find you will use them more than you think.

After you unpack, call your ClickandMove mover to see if they will pick up your packing materials.  If they do not offer this as a service to clients, consider listing these items on-line for sale.

Don’t forget the insurance!

clock November 7, 2011 22:13 by author Janet Corniel

When you move, don’t forget the insurance.  Even if you hire a professional mover with ClickandMove, you should still evaluate your own insurance coverage before you move.  This is a great starting point.  If you have any specialty items that are covered on a rider, those should be identified as high-valued items.  These items may include but not be limited to designer handbags, artwork and antiques.  Before you pack, identify those high-valued items and take photos.  This will help prepare you to discuss the coverage options with your mover and list them on your high-valued inventory.

Professional movers are insured and are required to take liability of the items they transport.  However, there are different levels of liability they will assume.  Therefore, due diligence ahead of time will save you in the long run.  Prior to signing a contract, make sure your mover is adequately insured and bonded.  This will help you limit your exposure and affirm that you are using a reputable company. 

Insurance is one of those things we often overlook until we need it.  In the case of moving, it is an essential part of protecting your goods.  Make the time to educate yourself and get the coverage you need.  It is worth the peace of mind.