Congratulations!  You made it.  You have successfully made your move and now it is time to unpack and settle into your new home.  This may seem daunting during the holiday season.  However, there are some things you can do to make it easier on yourself.  

Make unpacking a priority.  Start with the most used room in your house.  For most, it is the kitchen.  Once you have unpacked your kitchen, focus on each of the rooms.  Soon, it will be complete.  

Focus on what is important.  Find out what needs your attention right away and address it.  However, really reconsider beginning a DIY project in the midst of the holiday season right after a move.  You may want to put it on hold until after you have settled in and have celebrated the holidays.  This will give you time to find your energy and focus on the project instead of overwhelming yourself with everything at once.

Get excited.  Get excited about decorating your new place for the holidays.  Do some shopping for your new home.  It is really nice to have that feeling of making your house a home.  

Get the word out.  Use your holiday cards as a way to let your friends and family know of your move.  This way you can send them your new address and contact details.  Further, it gives you an opportunity to inform them of your new life in your new place.

Holiday revelry.  Holiday parties offer a great opportunity to meet new people.  Therefore, go to parties or have one for your new neighbors.  This gives your a fantastic chance to get to know people on a social basis and make new friends.

Give yourself a break.  Moving is stressful and moving during the holidays just adds to the stress.  Therefore, take time for yourself and family.  The tasks will get done and you will be settled.  However, keeping that healthy communication and connections to your family is so important.  Stay in tune to your child or children.  This way if they are having any trouble adjusting you can address it immediately.

Keep in contact.  There are many ways you can keep in contact with friends and family you have left behind.  This is especially important during the holiday season.  Skype, Facetime, email, phone calls  and social media all offer easy and little to no cost options to keeping in touch.  

Stay positive.  It is so important to keep that in mind.  You set the tone for the move.  Therefore, your kids will pick up on how you feel.  So if you make it an adventure, they will see it the same way.  Reassurance goes a long way and remind yourself it is only temporary.