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clock September 24, 2012 20:31 by author Janet Corniel


Downsizing in preparation for a move is essential. Downsizing will make all the difference in a successful move.  It will help with cost, preparing for your new place and the size and scope of your relocation.  Moving offers an excellent opportunity to weed through all of your things and prioritize what you need and what you don’t.  You definitely want to take these steps as soon as you find out you are moving.  Before you have estimates, you want to go from room to room and decide what you will be taking with you, what you will be giving away and what you will sell or store.  This is important because it will help you prepare and tackle the tasks incrementally.  Once you have identified your items, then take steps to act upon your plans.  This way you are not paying to move items you never intended on bringing with you in the first place.  It will save you money and it may even offer you an opportunity to make a little cash to finance your impending move.

You may discover lots of little treasures you have forgotten you had.  This will allow you to store these sentimental things carefully and revisiting your insurance coverage to see if you have them adequately covered.  When cleaning out closets, a good rule of thumb is to identify things that don’t fit, are out of style or you have not used in at least two seasons.  This will make it easier for you to get rid of the clothes and shoes you no longer use or need. If it has been three years and you still are not in your skinny jeans, just get rid of it.  If you have trouble getting rid of things, have a friend or family member help you.  Sometimes having that neutral party can help you part with the things you really don’t need.   


Downsizing a Home

clock June 4, 2012 19:38 by author Janet Corniel


Downsizing a home can be overwhelming but essential when moving.  Depending on your circumstances, taking steps to reduce the amount of things you have will make an impact on the cost and effort involved.  It you are downsizing yourself, you want to make the time to weed through your things and think about a strategy to get rid of your unwanted items based on the amount of time you have.  If you have considerable time, you may consider listing some of your things for sale on Craig’s list or local online paper classifieds.  If you have the time and energy you may consider having a yard or garage sale.  If you do not have the time, be honest with yourself and donate them to a charity of your choice.

Keep in mind that if you do hold a sale, the most important thing to do once it is over is to take your things that did not sell and put them in your car.  Take them to the donation center immediately.  Make the effort to avoid bringing these unwanted things in your house when you are done.  Chances are with all of your other to do items, you will not get the additional time to address the rest of your things.  Therefore, you do not want to pay to move things that you do not need or want and you will have enough to do in you new place with unpacking.  So, once you are done just donate them.  It will make it easier on you in the long run.