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5 Tips to Downsize

clock October 15, 2012 21:01 by author Janet Corniel


Downsizing for your move is key to helping you make that transition economically and successfully.  Here are five questions to ask yourself to help you make important decisions.

Will it cost me extra to move it?

Before you move, take inventory of the items you need to take with you.  When you go around your home, assess whether or not, it will cost you extra to move it.  If so, ask yourself if this is something I need in my new place or not to help you determine whether or not you need to move it and it is worth the cost of transport.

When was the last time I used it?

You definitely want to ask yourself this question, especially when you are cleaning out your closet.  A great barometer is to ask yourself if you have used it in the last year.  If you haven’t, seriously consider getting rid of it.

Will it fit in my new place?

Before you head out to find your new place, you want to come equipped with measurements of larger items in your home.  This way you will know what will fit.  This will help you assess if this place is for you and whether or not you will have to part with some of your things to make it happen.  Size is not the only factor to consider when assessing your new place.  Sometimes it is decor.  For example, if you are currently living in a traditional decor and are looking at a more modern style interior you may want to part with some of your things that don’t really ‘fit’ in your new place.  This offers an opportunity to sell your things to finance new items that may be better suited in your new place.

Do I really need the item?

When you are evaluating your inventory, ask yourself a simple question.  Do I really need the item?  Do I want to pay to relocate it?  This is key to evaluating whether or not you want to keep the item.  If you are willing to pay to move it, keep it.  If not, get rid of it.

Should I sell it, give it away or donate it?

Determining whether to sell it, give it away or donate it will depend on the item itself.  If it is a family heirloom, you should probably give it away to relatives.  If it is an item of value, you should consider selling it.  If it is just a mix of things you really don’t need and has no significant value or sentimental value, donating it may be the best solution.  

Downsizing before a move helps to move only the things you want moved.  It is an economical way to move and helps you transition into your new place with ease.


Selling Your Things to Downsize Before a Move

clock December 19, 2011 18:47 by author Janet Corniel


Before you move, selling your things may be a great way to downsize.  Once you know you are moving, take inventory.  As a part of taking inventory, go through your things and identify the items you no longer need or want.  Find the items that will not fit into the decor of your new home or things you may not be able to take with you on your relocation.  As you do this take pictures and note what you want to sell and what you want to donate.  For the things you want to sell, set up an account with a service to sell your goods online.  Consider setting up a separate email account specifically for the sale of these times.  This way folks can only contact you through that email and you can easily track interest in your items.  

Depending on the time of year and your ambition, you could hold your own garage or yard sale.  Keep in mind that if you do choose that option, you will have to make the time to prepare for it.  Market your sale and utilize all the free resources out there to get the word out.  From community bulletins to public boards in cafes, using these tools will help you notify your customers of the sale. Once you do hold your sale, make sure that any items that are remaining do not make its way back into your house.  These are great ways for you to save money and time by preventing you from moving any unwanted items to your new place.