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Finding Just the Right Place

clock October 4, 2011 17:44 by author Janet Corniel

Depending upon the circumstances, you may be in the position where you have very little time to move.   You may find yourself moving out and still not have a place to move into at your new location.  Under those conditions, you will have to sort out temporary living arrangements.  Preferably, you will want to find your temporary quarters prior to your move so that you do not have to relocate twice.  However, sometimes it does not work out that way and you will have to put your energy towards finding your new place once you get there.  Further, you will have to consider storing your items.  Therefore, you definitely want to have a conversation with the moving professionals you hire to ensure they can meet your storage requirements.

Whether you ultimately plan to rent or purchase, you definitely want to evaluate your living arrangements and identify your needs, wants and desires.  When you are trying to find a place under time constraints, you may find yourself having to compromise on some things.  Be prepared for it.  If you are planning on purchasing your new place, you are in a good position, given the economy.  However, if you are planning to rent, you may find yourself in a competitive environment.  It all depends on your new location.  Make the time to do the research so you know what to expect.  There are great tools available online to assess the cost of living in your new location, which will give you a barometer of the economic climate and allow you to budget accordingly.  Also, there are many great sites that will give you the listings of properties for rent or purchase in your new area to help you do the research you need to find just the right place for you. 

Paring Down Before a Move

clock September 6, 2011 17:36 by author Janet Corniel

As you take your inventory using, you will have a great opportunity to pare down some of your household goods.  After going from room to room, you may have decided that some of your things will not work for your new home.  If so, take this opportunity to reduce your household goods.  There are many options available to you.  You may choose to sell these items on-line to help facilitate the cost of your move.  You may decide to donate these items to local charities or give them away.  Either way, dealing with these items prior to the move is the easiest and most cost-effective way of handling them.  In other words, you do not want to pay a mover to move items you had no intention of using in your new location and then have to get rid of them in your new home. 

Remember once you move, you will have enough to do to settle.  Therefore, paring down these items ahead of time will give you the opportunity to focus on unpacking items you want and need.