Although professional movers are familiar with all types of weather, having your home prepared for their arrival will help both of you move in during the winter.  Think about the lay out of your home and what would work best for the flow of goods.  Because it will be cold, consider limiting the entry points so that you can keep your home relatively warm.  You want to make sure you are dressed in warm clothing, because chances are you will be in and out of the house giving directions to the movers and checking-off the bill of lading.  Ask you professional mover to lay boxes or clear plastic sheeting on the floor in the high-traffic areas to prevent your floors from getting dirty or scuffed.  Make sure that your paths and entry points are cleared of snow and ice or wet leaves to prevent someone from slipping and falling.  Familiarize yourself with the parking in your area.  If possible, check the signs for any parking restrictions for plowing snow and let your moving company know ahead of time.

Taking these extra precautions will help you make your move during the winter easier on you.