When you move, don’t forget the insurance.  Even if you hire a professional mover with ClickandMove, you should still evaluate your own insurance coverage before you move.  This is a great starting point.  If you have any specialty items that are covered on a rider, those should be identified as high-valued items.  These items may include but not be limited to designer handbags, artwork and antiques.  Before you pack, identify those high-valued items and take photos.  This will help prepare you to discuss the coverage options with your mover and list them on your high-valued inventory.

Professional movers are insured and are required to take liability of the items they transport.  However, there are different levels of liability they will assume.  Therefore, due diligence ahead of time will save you in the long run.  Prior to signing a contract, make sure your mover is adequately insured and bonded.  This will help you limit your exposure and affirm that you are using a reputable company. 

Insurance is one of those things we often overlook until we need it.  In the case of moving, it is an essential part of protecting your goods.  Make the time to educate yourself and get the coverage you need.  It is worth the peace of mind.