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Vet Records

clock June 11, 2012 21:56 by author Janet Corniel


Getting a copy of your pet’s vet records prior to your move is a great way to help prepare yourself and your pet for your move.  Before you begin to pack, contact your vet and schedule an appointment.  At the appointment, discuss the impending move with your vet and ask he or she for any advice.  Also, you want to get any refills on medication and get copies of shot records.  This is very important if you are transporting your pet.  If you are hiring a company to transport your pet, definitely take the time to find out the requirements before you make your vet appointment.  When time is of the essence, you do not want to waste it having to go back to your vet to get additional paperwork.  Further, if you are flying your pet to your destination, the airlines have their own requirements including temperature restrictions.  Therefore, you want to confirm with them what you will need to fly your pet.

While you are at your appointment with your vet, make sure to get a copy of your pet’s vet records.  This will help you in so many ways.  It will not only help you transport your pet but also help you when you find your new vet.  You will be able to prevent delays because you will be able to submit your pet’s vet records at your first appointment, as opposed to waiting for a request to be made and sent.  This is worth the effort because it will help you transition your pet with ease.


How to Make a Move Easier on Your Pet

clock September 27, 2011 20:06 by author Janet Corniel

As you prepare to move, keep in mind the needs of your pet.  Your pet’s needs will vary depending on how far you are moving.  The greater the distance, the more preparation will be required.  You will have to decide how you will transport your pet, whether or not you will board them and if any temporary accommodations will accept them if needed. 

Another very important thing to keep in mind is what to do with your pet on the day of the move.  Professional movers, like those with ClickandMove are used to having pets around.  However, it is best to keep them kenneled or contained during the move for their own safety.  During the day of the move, doors will be left opened and people will be coming and going.  It will be a flurry of activity at your home, which can cause stress or worse give your pet an opportunity to run off.  Therefore, keeping them confined to a safe place is best for your pet and your movers.

Discussing your upcoming move with your veterinarian will help to assess the health of your pet, which in turn will allow you to evaluate your options.  You definitely want to make sure you have everything current, like vaccinations and have a copy of the records.  Most airlines and other pet transport services require this type of documentation.  Therefore, having it ahead of time will facilitate the process. 

Keep in mind that there are companies that specialize in transporting and boarding pets.  Therefore, if you are inundated with other tasks, you could use these services to help you.