Many of you may find yourself in a position where you are helping an elderly friend or family member with a move.  This situation can be challenging because of the additional emotional stress involved.  However, there are several things you can do to minimize any problems.  First, have a detailed conversation with your senior and clarify their needs and wants.  If you can have this conversation years ahead of the potential move the better, especially if you find yourself helping someone struggling with dementia.  Second, make sure all other family members and significant others are on board.  This is a case for a unified front.  Third, minimizing the stress on this elderly person is key.  Change can be hard to embrace, so being patient and recognizing how this could impact them is important.  If it is available to you, get them involved.  Often times you are having to downsize and get rid of lots of unwanted items.  Being sensitive to how this will impact them will help with the transition.  Fourth, identifying one point of contact who can make decisions on this person’s behalf is essential. It is so important to have one person give direction to your mover to minimize confusion.  Fifth, stay positive.  You set the tone for the move and it is so important to keep positive.  There will be challenges but if you come at them with a positive attitude, it will help your elderly family member or friend overcome it.