When you are moving, you will need to remember your warranties.  Keep in mind that they may be for your home or vehicle and you will have to address them.  If you have purchased an extended warranty on your vehicle or one for your home, take the time to read the agreement.  You want to understand what is covered and the duration.  Most extended warranties for your car are provided by the manufacturer and will be available no matter where you go.  In any event, you still want to contact your dealership and confirm.  

As for your extended home warranty, you will have to read the agreement carefully.  Most extended home warranties are nontransferable, meaning that you will not be able to apply it to your new home nor will you be able to transfer it to the new owners.  Take the time to call and clarify.  You may be able to use your extended warranty to cover some of the repair expenses noted on your home inspection by the buyer.