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Mayflower Van Lines partners with CLICKandMOVE to offer customers the convenience of online inventories.

clock May 25, 2012 19:19 by author Don Kachur

Mayflower Canada is now offering their internet customers the convenience of creating their own furniture inventory online. “With more and more dual income families, consumers are quickly moving towards self service in all their purchases” said Anne Martin, President of Mayflower Canada. “For the relocating consumer, online inventories are a great time saver in the busy days before a household move. Rather than meeting multiple salespeople in their home, they are able to complete an online inventory in about 15 minutes. This furniture list instantly appears on a moving consultants screen and is then followed up with a telephone quote or an in-house estimate if required”.
Consumers really appreciate this service-some literally say they “love it!”  In fact, CLICKandMOVE recently received the 2011 Government of Alberta’s “Consumer Champion” award and is a great first step for consumers to avoid moving scams. The app is also available on some BBB sites, where the customer can send the inventory to 3 competing movers for bids

Top 5 Unpacking Supplies

clock November 15, 2011 16:34 by author Janet Corniel

Once you take possession from your ClickandMove mover, these top five unpacking supplies will really help you make quick progress of unpacking.

First, a retractable razor blade or knife will help you open your boxes quickly.  If these are not readily available, a key works well in its place. This will not only help you open your boxes but also break them down once they are unpacked.

Second, a few moving boxes work really well to store the packing paper.  As you unpack, keep a few empty moving boxes available to hand for the packing paper.  Pack it in tight.  If you do this as you unpack, it will help to keep order in the room and minimize clutter.

Third, garbage bags are very important as you unpack.  No matter how well you planned your move, inevitably you will discover some things you really do not want as you unpack.  Therefore, having a garbage bag to hand to throw these items away or donate will help.  Also, it helps to minimize the clutter and get rid of the used tape from the boxes.

Fourth, paper towels are helpful to have especially if you have any breaks or leakage.  It will help you quickly clean up the mess as you unpack. 

Fifth, permanent markers are essential tools in moving and chances are you should still have a few from packing.  These markers will help you relabel as you unpack or prepare some items for storage or donation.  Keep them to hand.  You will find you will use them more than you think.

After you unpack, call your ClickandMove mover to see if they will pick up your packing materials.  If they do not offer this as a service to clients, consider listing these items on-line for sale.