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Moving to a New Area

clock June 18, 2012 20:38 by author Janet Corniel


Moving to a new area can be a bit intimidating.  However, your attitude will make all the difference in transitioning to your new area.  Take the time to educate yourself about your new place before you move.  This will help you manage your expectations and prepare yourself.  If you see this opportunity as an adventure, it will help you set the tone for the move for you and your family.  When you do your research, identify things and places that you can visit and look forward to experiencing.  This way you will have outlined activities and places to go and visit. Get your kids involved.  It will help them prepare and get excited.

Finding things for your family to look forward to will help them ‘plan’ their adventure.  This is especially important if you know you will be in a location for a particular period of time.  Make your experience an extended vacation.  Planning various activities, outings and travels, will help your family find that sense of adventure.  It will also allow you to take full advantage of the opportunity to be in a new place.  You will make memories that will last lifetime.


Vet Records

clock June 11, 2012 21:56 by author Janet Corniel


Getting a copy of your pet’s vet records prior to your move is a great way to help prepare yourself and your pet for your move.  Before you begin to pack, contact your vet and schedule an appointment.  At the appointment, discuss the impending move with your vet and ask he or she for any advice.  Also, you want to get any refills on medication and get copies of shot records.  This is very important if you are transporting your pet.  If you are hiring a company to transport your pet, definitely take the time to find out the requirements before you make your vet appointment.  When time is of the essence, you do not want to waste it having to go back to your vet to get additional paperwork.  Further, if you are flying your pet to your destination, the airlines have their own requirements including temperature restrictions.  Therefore, you want to confirm with them what you will need to fly your pet.

While you are at your appointment with your vet, make sure to get a copy of your pet’s vet records.  This will help you in so many ways.  It will not only help you transport your pet but also help you when you find your new vet.  You will be able to prevent delays because you will be able to submit your pet’s vet records at your first appointment, as opposed to waiting for a request to be made and sent.  This is worth the effort because it will help you transition your pet with ease.


Downsizing a Home

clock June 4, 2012 19:38 by author Janet Corniel


Downsizing a home can be overwhelming but essential when moving.  Depending on your circumstances, taking steps to reduce the amount of things you have will make an impact on the cost and effort involved.  It you are downsizing yourself, you want to make the time to weed through your things and think about a strategy to get rid of your unwanted items based on the amount of time you have.  If you have considerable time, you may consider listing some of your things for sale on Craig’s list or local online paper classifieds.  If you have the time and energy you may consider having a yard or garage sale.  If you do not have the time, be honest with yourself and donate them to a charity of your choice.

Keep in mind that if you do hold a sale, the most important thing to do once it is over is to take your things that did not sell and put them in your car.  Take them to the donation center immediately.  Make the effort to avoid bringing these unwanted things in your house when you are done.  Chances are with all of your other to do items, you will not get the additional time to address the rest of your things.  Therefore, you do not want to pay to move things that you do not need or want and you will have enough to do in you new place with unpacking.  So, once you are done just donate them.  It will make it easier on you in the long run. 


Importance of Taking Measurements When You Move

clock May 28, 2012 19:52 by author Janet Corniel


As you embark on searching for your new place to live, keep in mind the importance of taking measurements.  Whether you are renting or buying, you definitely want to have this in mind.  Once you have narrowed you search, you should make the effort to measure.  This will help prepare you for the move by allowing you to understand what will fit, what can be moved and what you will have to sell or leave behind.  

Be creative.  Some items may not fit in the same room as in your old home but you may find a better place for them elsewhere in your new place.  So be aware of your options as you walk through.

Remember that measurements not only work for your furniture pieces but also appliances.  If you are moving any appliances, make sure to take your measurements ahead of time.  You do not want to pay to move them only to find out that it does not fit.

Area rugs, art work and other important items should be measured so that you can have a good understanding of what will fit and where.


Helping Your College Graduate Adjust to Life Back Home

clock May 21, 2012 19:29 by author Janet Corniel


Given these economic times, chances are your college student may be moving back home after graduation.  It will be an adjustment for both of you.  Keep in mind that your young adult is just that - a young adult.  He or she left bright eyed and ready to learn.  However, now they have received their education and are looking toward their future.  

When they move back home, the best thing to do is to have a family meeting.  Clarify your expectations and have them do the same.  This will alleviate some friction or misunderstandings in the future.  

It is important to realize that even though your little boy or girl will always be that in your eyes, in their minds they are an adult full of life experiences.  Therefore, clearing the air as they move in will go a long way in preventing any issues later.  Discuss things like employment, financial contributions, household duties, length of stay and things that will be deal breakers.  This will lay the foundation for their stay with you and expectations on both ends.  The honeymoon of having them home will expire.  Therefore, I can’t emphasize the importance of this.  So, take the time to do it.  It will pay you and them dividends in the future.