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Education Abroad

clock October 8, 2012 20:31 by author Janet Corniel


The one thing that you can expect from being educated abroad is that it will be different than the system you are accustom.  However, before you dive into the opportunity, do your due diligence.  This is especially important for your children.  If you are moving abroad with school age children, you want to take the time to clarify what curriculum is available in your new home country and what will be transferrable when you repatriate.  This is critical to keep your child on the path to matriculation.  

Start with your child’s current curriculum and standing in school and then do your research.  If you are moving to a country that speaks a different language, this will be a factor as well.  It is wonderful to give your child an opportunity to learn another language.  However, you need to assess your child’s abilities and understand if total emersion will work for him or her.  Moving abroad is a big transition, so being keenly aware of what will set your child up for success is critical.  You do not want to overwhelm them the first year away, because it will make the experience difficult for them.  It will also have an impact on their ability to transition successfully.

If you are going abroad for higher education, chances are you have already done your research and are prepared for the experience.  Before you go, make sure to have all of your paperwork and accommodations in order.  It is imperative that you have the proper documentation and student visas.  This will help ensure that you will have an easy entry into the country.  Also, familiarize yourself with what that documentation allows you to do.  This is essential so that you can avoid any immigration issues.  Further, make sure to clarify all of the expenses involved and payment schedules.  The last thing you will want is to compromise your standing because of a currency glitch.



clock October 1, 2012 21:18 by author Janet Corniel


Moving gives you an opportunity to explore new environments.  It may not seem that way when you are inundated with unpacking.  However, once the boxes are unpacked and you have returned to a routine, exploring your new environment is so important to feeling apart of your new community.  It offers you and your family an opportunity to acquaint yourself with a new lifestyle.  If you are moving from the city to the suburbs or country or vice versa, you will quickly realize the difference in way of life.  The best way to make the most of the opportunity is to explore.  Do some research online.  Find out about festivals and events in your area.  Drive around and explore. Talk to the locals and find out about activities in your area.  If you are now in a more rural area, check out various trails and hikes and explore what nature has to offer.  If you are now in the city, take advantage of the access to night life, art, theatre, museums and professional sports.  Each new environment has something to offer.  In order to take full advantage of the opportunity, you will have to open your mind to trying and experiencing new things.  This makes all the difference in a successful transition to your new location.

Take the time to learn about what your new environment has to offer and make the effort to experience it.  You will be so glad you did.



clock September 24, 2012 20:31 by author Janet Corniel


Downsizing in preparation for a move is essential. Downsizing will make all the difference in a successful move.  It will help with cost, preparing for your new place and the size and scope of your relocation.  Moving offers an excellent opportunity to weed through all of your things and prioritize what you need and what you don’t.  You definitely want to take these steps as soon as you find out you are moving.  Before you have estimates, you want to go from room to room and decide what you will be taking with you, what you will be giving away and what you will sell or store.  This is important because it will help you prepare and tackle the tasks incrementally.  Once you have identified your items, then take steps to act upon your plans.  This way you are not paying to move items you never intended on bringing with you in the first place.  It will save you money and it may even offer you an opportunity to make a little cash to finance your impending move.

You may discover lots of little treasures you have forgotten you had.  This will allow you to store these sentimental things carefully and revisiting your insurance coverage to see if you have them adequately covered.  When cleaning out closets, a good rule of thumb is to identify things that don’t fit, are out of style or you have not used in at least two seasons.  This will make it easier for you to get rid of the clothes and shoes you no longer use or need. If it has been three years and you still are not in your skinny jeans, just get rid of it.  If you have trouble getting rid of things, have a friend or family member help you.  Sometimes having that neutral party can help you part with the things you really don’t need.   


Moving a Play Set

clock September 17, 2012 18:27 by author Janet Corniel


As you prepare to move, you may decide to move your play set.  If you do, you will need to take some steps to prepare it for the move.  Some companies, who specialize in play sets also install them.  If you have purchased a set from a company like this, check your warranty.  The warranty may not apply if they installed it and you take it apart yourself for the move.  Therefore, review your paperwork and make sure that you understand what the warranty states.  If you have questions, make sure to call the company and clarify.  If your warranty does not allow for you to take the play set apart, you may have to have the company you bought it from take it apart and assemble it in your new location.  In this is the situation, you definitely want to call the company for further information.

If you are not bound by this type of warranty, you should have no problem taking it apart.  However, you will want to take care when disassembling the play set.  You want to do it methodically so that when you move to your new home, it will not be very difficult to assemble it again.  Taking steps ahead of time will save you frustration in your new home.  Also, you want to measure the structure to make sure you have the adequate space in your new home.  You do not want to go through all of that effort only to find it will not fit.  First, take pictures of the assembled play set.  Second, get sealable plastic bags that are strong enough to take the weight of nuts and bolts and you can label.  As you begin to take the play set apart, you will want to label and categorize everything.  This will make the process of reassembling the play set much easier.  Don’t forget to consult the manual to help you prepare the play set for the move.  Take pictures and notes in the manual.  All of this prep work will help you when you assemble it in your new location by giving you a perspective and frame of reference.


Moving? Take Care.

clock September 10, 2012 19:58 by author Janet Corniel


Moving is a physical activity and requires some stamina.  Therefore, you want to evaluate what you can handle physically when you plan your move.  If you have any physical limitations or injuries, you need to be honest with yourself.  Even though you may hire someone to move your goods, packing can be strenuous.  Therefore, when you go around and do your household inventory, think about where you may need help and note it.  This way you will not only catalog your household items but also areas where you may need some extra help.

Once you have that identified, take the time to think about who can best help you.  Organize and schedule a day where all of your friends and family can help you pack.  The more help you get, the faster it will go.  Think about your needs you identified earlier and make sure that you have them help with those tasks first.

Several days before you have everyone come to help, make sure that you have all of the materials you need to pack.  You will need permanent ink markers, packing tape, moving boxes of different sizes, packing paper and trash bags.  Make sure to have ample water or drinks at hand for everyone and seriously consider feeding your crew of helpers.

If it is in your budget to have your movers pack you, you may want to seriously consider it.  Your professionals at ClickandMove have a variety of services on offer and are happy to help you with all the facets of your move.  

Even if you have someone pack you, you will have to do some prep work ahead of time.  This will include weeding through your items and setting aside the items that you will be donating or giving away.  If you have non-perishable food items that you do not plan on moving, consider taking it to your local food bank.  

The key to a successful move is evaluating your needs early on to assure that you have enough time to address them.