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When Moving, Be Careful of Bed Bugs

clock April 17, 2012 00:19 by author Janet Corniel


When you are moving, you need to be careful of bed bugs.  Whether you are renting, purchasing a home or staying in temporary accommodations, take the necessary steps to protect yourself and your family.  It may seem down right gross, but bed bugs have made a comeback.  Unfortunately, they are a pest that is very difficult to eradicate and some of the swankiest hotels in large cities have been plagued with this problem.

Unfortunately, they are indiscriminate.  Therefore, you want to take the necessary steps to protect yourself.  Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

When staying in a hotel or temporary accommodations, check around and see if everything is in order.  Turn down the bedding and check the sheets and mattress to be safe.  You want to look for black specks and/or brown colored ‘shells’.  If you see anything questionable, make sure to put your bags on a table or counter and not the couch or floor. After moving your things, contact the front desk immediately. 

When looking for a rental, take the time to look around.  If you have any suspicions, leave a piece of white paper on the carpet.  When you go back, check to see if you notice anything.  If you notice any odd smell like a musty sweet order take note. 

Further, know your rights as a tenant.  This is so important in case something happens after you move in and you want to terminate your lease.  Ask the tough questions and make sure you understand all of the answers.

When purchasing a home, look carefully.  If you have any suspicions, ask your realtor and be cautious.  Home inspectors should take note of any infestation problems.  Therefore, be sure to get a home inspection.  

Know that the pest can live six months to a year without feeding, which is what makes them so difficult to eradicate.  In any event, you should take the necessary steps to protect yourself and your family.  Educating yourself ahead of time is the key to prevention.  The last thing you need in the midst of a move is having to deal with this type of problem.  Further, you want to make sure that you do not inadvertently introduce them to your new place.  


How Do I Prepare My Friends and Family For My Move?

clock April 10, 2012 00:35 by author Janet Corniel


Once you find out you are moving, you definitely need to take steps to prepare your friends and family for your move.  After making the decision with your spouse or partner and children, it is time to inform your friends and family.  It is important to realize that your friends and family will have to get used to the idea of you leaving.  This will take some time and understanding.  However, when you are moving time eludes you and your patience and understanding is in limited supply.  Therefore, when you break the news, stay positive.  This will help them find your excitement and sense of adventure.  Also, you want to make time to schedule meetings and meals with them.  This is important for you and them.  The sooner you schedule these the better.  As you get closer to your move, you will quickly find that time flies and it is harder to make time to do this.  

With all the social media outlets and Skype, keeping in touch is very accessible.  Make arrangements to make those connections once you move.  This will help you and your family with feelings of being homesick and will make for a better transition into you new life.  Once you move, it will take time to cultivate new relationships.  Therefore, keeping these connections will help you tremendously.  


PCSing? Here Are a Few Tips to Help.

clock April 2, 2012 22:46 by author Janet Corniel

PCS (Permanent Change of Station) season is about to start.  Therefore, as you get your orders to your new duty station, let ClickandMove help you find the right professional mover.  Here are some tips to help you and your family PCS with ease.

Make copies of your orders and keep them to hand.  This is so important because you will be asked for this paperwork throughout the process and having easy access to it will help tremendously.

When you are selecting a mover, consider their capacity to help you with your move.  Once you have used ClickandMove and have gotten your estimates online, you want to begin to narrow down your choices.  This will allow you to begin your due diligence.  Ask questions of your prospective movers about capacity, experience, experience moving military personnel and references.  Also, do not forget to get their MC number.  Once you have this number, go to . This will allow you to get an understanding of the movers standing.  It is a great resource and worth the time to check.

Even though you may have done this countless times before, make it an adventure.  This helps your family make the most of the move.  Have a ‘mini’ vacation on route to your new duty station.  Chances are since you will have to transport your vehicle and drive anyway, make a fun road trip out of it.  This will give your family some excitement and anticipation.  Stop off at sites to see that you would not have had the time for in the past.  It will help you build memories for your family for years to come.


How to Understand Moving Quotes?

clock March 27, 2012 00:36 by author Janet Corniel

Moving quotes can be a bit overwhelming for those who have not moved very often.  However, it is so important to get a clear understanding of what is being charged.  A good way to start is to think about your needs first.  If it is a local (intrastate) move, your charges will be less and based on the hourly rate of the personnel needed and the number of trucks required to transport your goods.  However, as the distance increases, your charges may be based on weight and mileage.  If you are moving to another state (interstate), your charges will based on the weight of your goods and the distance you are moving.  The other thing to keep in mind is the insurance charges.  As you can imagine these will increase as your distance increases.

Most movers offer these types of estimates:


A non-binding estimate is an estimate of what the cost should be.  However, it is not finalized until the final shipment is weighed.  Keep in mind that the non-binding estimate cannot be 10% over the original estimate for a total of no more than 110%.  


A binding estimate should be the amount that is billed to you.  However, if there are any additional services that you may need during the process, it will be added to the total.  Your mover should include almost everything in the original binding estimate, which is why it should be more expensive than a non-binding estimate. 

Not to exceed

This is an estimate that is based on a binding estimate or the actual cost, whichever one is the lowest.  It is important to know that with this type of estimate, it is binding, like the binding estimate, but it sets a ceiling. Make sure you clarify what that entails with your mover.


The most important thing to keep in mind as you maneuver through this process, is to get several estimates, at least three.  Make sure that they are the same type of estimate.  You want to make sure you are comparing apples to apples and not apples and oranges.  This way you will be better equipped to make the right decision for your and your family.


How Do I Move With a Professional Mover?

clock March 19, 2012 21:37 by author Janet Corniel


Moving with a professional mover is the easiest way to move.  However, the best way to make the most of your move is to do your homework ahead of time and prepare yourself.  Once you know you are moving, you want to begin your search.  ClickandMove is a perfect way to start this process.  Simply take your inventory and submit it electronically to movers in your area.  You then get your estimates at your convenience.

Once you have these estimates, you want to begin your due diligence.  After you have done your research and background checks, you want to select your mover as soon as possible.  This is especially important if you are planning to move during the peak moving season.  Therefore, once you get your mover on board, schedule that date.  Unfortunately, you may not get the exact date you are looking if you wait too long.  Most professional movers will do their best to accommodate your schedule.  However, you may need to be flexible just because of the capacity issue in some markets.  

It is important that you develop a rapport with your mover.  Get a point of contact.  This is so important to have.  This way if you have any issues, questions or concerns you have one person to discuss it.  You also want to understand the policies and procedures of your professional mover.  This will help you prepare and manage expectations.  A good professional mover will take the time to help you understand and educate you about the process.