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Finding Day Care After Your Move

clock March 12, 2012 20:49 by author Janet Corniel


Finding day care after you move can be a challenging task.  It is so important to take the right steps to ensure you find just the right place or person to take care of the most precious people in your life, your children.  As with most everything with moving, you should start early.  Begin the process of your search before you move.  Consider all of your requirements and list your expectations.  Think about what you want.  Are you looking for in home care or an established facility?  Are looking for full-time or part-time?  Are you looking for care for infants, toddlers or children?  Does your child have special needs that need to be met?  What discipline techniques do you use in your own home and what types would you like the provider to use?

Once you have identified your child care needs, you can begin your research.  There are many tools online to help you find qualified and licensed facilities and providers.  These include but are not limited to, and will help you find preschools in your area and offers ratings. will help you find other resources like adult day care and pet care facilities in addition to child care facilities.

Once you have begun your search, you will want to narrow down your choices to a few and plan to interview and tour facilities.  When you are interviewing and touring, you want to make sure that all of credentials are accounted for and documented.  However, in addition to meeting all of the technical requirements, you also want to make sue it has that ‘feel good factor’.   You know your child best and you will have to make sure it is the right fit.  Finding that right place or person is so important to you and your child’s transition to your new life.


Resources to Find a Job After a Move

clock March 5, 2012 22:15 by author Janet Corniel


If you are planning on finding a job once you move, it should start early.  In order for it to be successful, it needs to be an integral part of the process.  Keep in mind that in a competitive job market, having an online presence and having a clear direction will help.  Once you know you are moving, you should start your search.  This will enable you to optimize your options and location prior to settling.

There are many great resources online that can help you hone your search.  Monster and Career Builder are helpful resources to get started.  Further, you should begin to work your online resources before you move.  Consider a LinkedIn account, if you do not currently have one.  If you do, start to work your current network so that you can build a support base before you get there.  Further, this will allow you to illicit help from professionals to get introduced to job market opportunities before you transition into your new location.  This will enable you to begin to ask questions, evaluate the job market in the new area and establish a network of professionals there, which will help you make the most of your efforts.  Also, if you belong to any professional organizations, contact them and utilize any opportunities they offer.  Further, if your spouse or significant other is on a corporate relocation or job transfer, you may be eligible for employment services.  Be sure to evaluate policies and procedures and benefits available.  You want to take advantage of everything that is available to you.


Tips for Parents Helping Kids Move Home From College

clock February 27, 2012 19:02 by author Janet Corniel


As the school calendar inches its way to a close, it is never to early to plan on helping your kids moving home from college.  Here are a few tips to help them prepare and plan for their move back home.

  • Before the end of the school year, have a chat with your child and discuss their plans.  Are they coming home for an extended period of time? Will they be seeking employment? Are they spending a short time at home only to move back early for school, projects or employment?
  • Once you have a clear understanding of their plans, you can help them take the steps they need to make an easy transition.  If they are planning on moving out of their dorm room and heading home for the summer, you may want to help them find a short-term storage option if they are far away.  If they are planning on driving home or you picking them up, chances are they will not necessarily need this as an option.
  • In the midst of their studies, they may be preoccupied.  Therefore, if they are planning on getting a job for the summer, you may want to remind them to take steps early especially in this competitive job market.
  • If this is the last year of school for your child, not only will he or she be completing their studies but also trying to find employment.  Therefore, their end destination may not be clear.  Discuss with them various scenarios and how you could be of help.  They will be faced with transitioning from student to professional life and moving will be an integral part of this new start.  ClickandMove is always there to help.  With a click of a button, your child can take his or her inventory and submit this to several movers for a quick estimate.  By understanding the cost involved, they will be able to budget for it accordingly.




Finding the Right School for Your Child

clock February 20, 2012 21:20 by author Janet Corniel


When you are moving with your family, finding the right school is so important to a successful transition.  Therefore, you want to start this search early.  Once you get an idea of the location of where you are moving to, start to narrow your search.  If your child has any special needs, you want to make sure you have the proper paperwork and assessments.  Take the time to evaluate the schools in the area and find the one that is best for your child.  Once you have narrowed down your search, visit the schools.  Most schools are happy to have you but call ahead.  This way you will not be disappointed.  Also, find out who is the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) or Parent Teacher Association (PTA) President.  Call them and have a chat.  This will give you a clear understanding of extraneous information, like the parental involvement in the school.  Parental involvement is a great barometer of the overall health of the school.  

There are some great tools online to help you find just the right school. provides a great deal of information about the school and its academic standings.  It is a great resource to use to start your search.  In any event, a move is time consuming and challenging.  However, you definitely want to make time for this search.  Finding the right school for your child is the best way to ensure a successful transition.


Keeping in Touch After Moving

clock February 13, 2012 19:48 by author Janet Corniel


Once you have moved, keeping in touch with those you left behind is so important to help make the transition easier on your family.  This is especially important for your children.  The amazing thing is that there are so many options available for you and your family to use.  If you have access to a computer, internet and a webcam, Skype is fantastic.  If you and your family member or friend is a member of Skype, you can use the service for free.  It is a fabulous tool because it allows you to speak face-to-face with your friends and family.  Your children will be able to see them and make the important connection they need.

If you have an iPhone, FaceTime is another great way to keep in touch.  It works if the other person has an iPhone and it will enable you to have a phone call and see each other in real time.  It is a great tool because it is portable.

If these options are not available to you, consider other methods.  Facebook, email, phone and letters are all great ways to keep in touch with your loved ones.  Make sure that your child gets the contact details from their friends they left behind before you leave.  Children love to get mail and keeping in touch with their friends will help with their transition and feelings of missing home.