Once you know you moving, don’t forget to clean out your shed.  As we all enjoy our backyards during the few weeks left of summer, keep in mind that as you prepare for a move, you will have to get rid of flammable items.  These include but are not limited to propane tanks for your grill and outside heaters, fertilizer, gasoline tanks paint and any pressurized canisters.  Make sure that your lawn equipment is not full of fuel either.  Take a look at your lawn mower and trimmer to ensure that they are not laden with fuel.

Although it may seem inconvenient, for obvious reasons, you simply can’t include flammable items with your shipment.  Therefore, before you move, take the time to inspect and  clear out that shed.   All of those flammable items should be given away or taken for disposal.  Keep in mind that most of these items can’t be thrown away.  Therefore, you want to make sure that you have prepared ahead of time because it will take you extra effort to dispose of these items.  You do not want to be frantically trying to rid yourself of these items while the movers are packing you.  Alleviate the extra stress and do it ahead of time.  For further information, please check out this helpful list from Highland.