ClickandMove is proud to announce the launch of a new and improved website. The award winning application remains the same, but the website has undergone a much needed facelift. Don Kachur, President of ClickandMove believes that online moving applications will revolutionize the relocation industry.

Moving is an age-old practice, there hasn’t been much change in how moving companies transport household goods and belongings. And by no means is moving convenient for customers. Traditionally, salesmen need to enter homes and filter through belongings to generate an estimate. With an online moving application, the consumer is in control of producing an inventory without the breach of their personal privacy.

ClickandMove 's application is a consumer friendly step-by-step process . When entering the website the consumer picks exactly what rooms they wish to move, whether it be a nursery, deck, office or just a basic bedroom. ClickandMove then has a picture inventory of every item imaginable in your home that will need to be moved. After completing an online inventory, ClickandMove complies a list of reliable American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA) movers in the desired area. ClickandMove is offering customers a free service, therefore being in contact with multiple AMSA movers has never been easier.

Moving companies are trying to create online applications to convenience the Internet savvy consumer. Without an inventory system, it is nearly impossible to generate a realistic quote. These types of applications leave consumers with extra charges for miscalculated inventory. Take the time to use ClickandMove’s free online moving application for a stress-free move.