Once you find out you are moving, you definitely need to take steps to prepare your friends and family for your move.  After making the decision with your spouse or partner and children, it is time to inform your friends and family.  It is important to realize that your friends and family will have to get used to the idea of you leaving.  This will take some time and understanding.  However, when you are moving time eludes you and your patience and understanding is in limited supply.  Therefore, when you break the news, stay positive.  This will help them find your excitement and sense of adventure.  Also, you want to make time to schedule meetings and meals with them.  This is important for you and them.  The sooner you schedule these the better.  As you get closer to your move, you will quickly find that time flies and it is harder to make time to do this.  

With all the social media outlets and Skype, keeping in touch is very accessible.  Make arrangements to make those connections once you move.  This will help you and your family with feelings of being homesick and will make for a better transition into you new life.  Once you move, it will take time to cultivate new relationships.  Therefore, keeping these connections will help you tremendously.