As you embark on searching for your new place to live, keep in mind the importance of taking measurements.  Whether you are renting or buying, you definitely want to have this in mind.  Once you have narrowed you search, you should make the effort to measure.  This will help prepare you for the move by allowing you to understand what will fit, what can be moved and what you will have to sell or leave behind.  

Be creative.  Some items may not fit in the same room as in your old home but you may find a better place for them elsewhere in your new place.  So be aware of your options as you walk through.

Remember that measurements not only work for your furniture pieces but also appliances.  If you are moving any appliances, make sure to take your measurements ahead of time.  You do not want to pay to move them only to find out that it does not fit.

Area rugs, art work and other important items should be measured so that you can have a good understanding of what will fit and where.