If you need moving quotes but don’t have the time of inclination to meet 2 or 3 moving salespeople in your home, go online and try Clickandmove.com. This enjoyable, smart, easy-to-use app can get you accurate moving quotes online from competitive moving companies.  You can use CLICKandMOVE to quickly complete your own furniture inventory and then submit it online to moving companies of your choice.  All movers listed for selection are members of the American Moving and Storage Association, and fly the proMover flag, a designation that assures you of service from established and well regarded moving companies.  All national van lines are represented as well as local “father and son” type operations that meet the service levels requirements of the proMover status. The site lists movers who are closest to your home first, so you can minimize their travel time. At over $100 per hour for a professional moving crew, this alone could save you a bundle.

CLICKandMOVE customers rave about the ease of use in the many testimonials from happy (mostly) customers. The site uses icons for each piece of furniture instead of a typed list.  Just click on a cartoon drawing of the furniture piece and it is added to your inventory. The site also has moving tips on each item that requires special preparation before the move. They follow up by email with a pre-move “to-do” list tailored to your household items. The user friendly layout means that you can complete the entire process in about 15 minutes for an average size home. Compare that to three in-home visits that take about an hour each! If you have and iPad or a Smartphone, all the better.  Furniture items are listed room by room so you can cruise through your house, iPad in hand, clicking and moving as you go.

You should have all your quotes back in one business day.  Some companies have staff online during weekends and evenings if this is more convenient. Because you have given each mover a complete inventory of your goods online, they can prepare very accurate quotes, unlike other mover websites that just give you a ball park estimate.  And there is a clear written list of what the movers are quoting on, eliminating any confusion about what was or was not to be included in the move. While you are waiting for your quotes you can read customer testimonials and visit each company’s website to help you make your decision.  Once you have chosen a company, or shortlisted a couple, it’s a good idea to have at least one representative visit your home to confirm the services required, especially if you have a large home or unusual items that may require special handling.

The first quote is free and they charge a small fee for each additional estimate. CLICKandMOVE is a great timesaver for the busy family. If you use online banking and book your travel online, this site is for you.