When you are looking for a professional mover there are several things you should ask before making your decision.

  1. What is your previous experience?  You want to get an idea of their experience and reputation.  Ask them if they have experience moving long distances, overseas or specialty items.  You want to make sure if they or their subcontractors can handle your move.
  2. What is their standing in the profession?  What is their MC number or US DOT number?  You want to get an idea of where they stand and what is their professional reputation.  You can do some research online to double check the company’s standing.  By getting the company’s MC or DOT number you can go to Protect Your Move and check this company’s standing and complaint history.
  3. What is there pricing structure?  Understand your estimate.  You want to understand how they price your move and what is included and what is not.  It will also help you make the right comparisons between company estimates.
  4. What are their policies and procedures?  You want to understand what are their deadlines and their procedures for handling claims.  All of this information should be clarified before you move forward.  Make sure to get a point of contact who is able to answer questions on your move.
  5. Do you have any references or testimonials?  Ask them for any references or testimonials for clients in your area.  This will help you get an understanding of their interactions with their clients.   

Taking time to ask these questions and getting the answers will help you manage expectations and find just the right mover to move you.